vintage ufo

A vintage UFO photo taken in McMinnville, Oregon in the 1950s.

UFO researcher Robert Hastings, featured in today's AE story, is used to people scoffing at what he has to say - which is that UFOs are messing around with our nuclear weapons and we are powerless to do anything about it.

But during the interview he pointed that Gallup polls show a growing number of Americans believe UFOs. In the 1960s the percentage of believers was in the teens.

"Now, since about 1980, it's leveled at plus or minus 50 percent. Half of all Americans believe this is real," said Hastings who has talked about his work on CNN and Larry King Live.

Why don't people talk about it more then, especially if they've seen one? I asked.

He said that usually if someone sees a UFO they tell someone close to them, a spouse or friend, and that person often laughs in their face. After that they don't tell anybody else, until they come into contact with someone like him.

We had a rash of UFO reports coming in to the newsroom last summer. I saw a few of the objects people were talking about. They looked like campfires burning in the sky. These particular UFOs turned out to be flying luminaries, candles in floating lanterns that would travel for miles in the night sky after being released.

Do you believe UFOs exist? Have you see something unexplainable in the sky?