Blast from the Past / 1979: Home on the range

Driving cattle from winter to summer range was an annual adventure in Hells Canyon for Harold and Lois Heitstuman, their offspring and their hired hands. This photo by Glenn Cruickshank was first published on the front page of the July 15, 1979, edition of the Lewiston Tribune. It accompanied a feature story and photos on the front of the Sunday AM section of that issue. The story, also by Cruickshank, reported how the Heitstumans lived in Clarkston and leased the nearly 93,000-acre winter range in Nez Perce County for their nearly 3,000 head of cattle. During their roundup, the “hands live out on the range, but in established line camps — trailer houses stocked with sleeping bags and canned stew ... .” Most of the land was accessible only by horseback, and the hands usually rode 20 to 30 miles a day, and fence crews repaired five to 10 miles of wire a day. Readers who would like to share their historical photos from throughout the region may do so by emailing them to or submitting them to: Blast from the Past, P.O. Box 957, Lewiston, ID 83501. Questions? Call Jeanne M. DePaul at (208) 848-2221.

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