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Monday, June 24, 2019

    Workers at the Match Block Factory in Bovill, plus a dog who refuses to look at the camera, pose for a photo in the 1940s. Of the 14 pictured, the names of only eight are known. They are (back row from left): Osborne Slette, unknown, unknown, May Nolan, unknown, Ray Bonner, Floyd Wunderlich, unknown; and (front row from left): unknown, Daisy Wunderlich, Maude Carlin, unknown, Eleanor Zagelow, Red Brinkman. Early matches were made from blocks of woods with cuts separating the splints but leaving their bases attached. The blocks often were shipped to markets in the East to be made into the matches. 

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      Ed Hasfurther operates a combine during the 1979 harvest on the Lorang farm in Genesee. While modern combines feature enclosed, air-conditioned cabs, this photo by Dan Lorang shows the first attempts to provide some type of shade to farm workers out in the field during the heat of summer’s harvest. This photo was submitted by Diane Conroy, curator of White Spring Ranch Museum on the Lorang homestead in Genesee. 

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        Vernon and Diane Adams smile behind a pile of coins and other metals in this photo by Tribune photographer Patrick Sullivan. The Lewiston couple had recently purchased Lewiston Precious Metals in the mall in Lewiston, and planned to operate it, as well as their other business at the time, Melody Mufflers, according to the story that accompanied the photo first published in the April 4, 1982, Tribune. 

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          Larry Snodderly stands in his racing jumpsuit with hands on his hips next to his car, the No. 19 Chevy, at the speedway in the Lewiston Sports Arena in 1971. Snodderly celebrates his 79th birthday this month. The track was located in north Lewiston and was a 1/4-mile paved oval that operated from the early 1960s until 1975, according to Lewiston historian Steven Branting. 

          Monday, June 03, 2019

            Nora Abbott owned and operated a computer software instruction business in Moscow, and in 1992 she began offering one-day workshops in a variety of software programs. A story accompanying this photo by Tribune photographer Mike Venso first published in the Nov. 22, 1992, Tribune, reported Abbot would be offering instruction in Lewiston in Lotus 1-2-3, WordPerfect and MS-DOS. 

            Friday, May 31, 2019

              With smiles on their faces, four men from Bovill Presbyterian Church prepared to leave on a mission project to Alaska in 1990. The men are (from left) Glen Wood, Stan Hobbs the Rev. Bob Wofford (church pastor) and Gary Eggers. Women who gathered to see them off on their adventure included (from left) Erma Wood, Roberta Hobbs, Mary Lee and Karen Eggers.

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                The staff of Bovill School gathered for a group photo during the 1998-’99 school year. They are (front row, from left): Kellie Funke, Leahann Brady, Marilyn Davis, Karen Monson, Peggy Miller, Tera Reeves; (back row, from left): Marsha Martin, Pat Eck (principal), Nancy Henderson, Angie Tweit, Liz Herrmann, Leah Swanson, Gayle Wells, Lynne Rains and Karen Eggers of Bovill, who submitted this photo. 

                Wednesday, May 22, 2019

                  The Clarkston High School graduating class of 1919 gathered for a senior year photo. In the front row of the photo on the left side, dressed in matching outfits, are Pearl (Benedict) Petty (left) and her twin sister, Pansy Benedict. Pearl lived in Asotin County her entire life, and this photo was submitted by Pearl’s granddaughter, Kathy Browne of Clarkston. One hundred years later, the CHS class of 2019 will go through commencement June 1. 

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                    Cindi Herres of Pomeroy holds her Appaloosa stallion, Royal Te, while the horse’s lookalike model poses on a nearby fence in this Barry Kough photo first published in the Tribune Oct. 8, 1997. The horse was selected to be the model for a new collectible Breyer horse, according to a story by Elaine Williams published with the photo in the Close to Home section. Herres had collected the plastic models since childhood, and was proud when her handsome horse was chosen to join the line. 

                    Saturday, April 20, 2019

                      First-grade students at Grangeville Elementary School lined up for their class photo in 1960. Some of the students include: (back row) Bob Jessup (fifth from left) and Doug Litchfield (far right). Middle row (from left): Steve Altman, John Stegner, Bill Soltman, unidentified, Mrs. Hampel, Shirly Hornbeck, unidentified, Cindy vonBargen, unidentified. Front row: Judy Westberg (far left) and Connie Wright (second from right). Stegner currently serves as an associate justice on the Idaho Supreme Court. This photo was submitted by Steve Hornbeck of Gifford. 

                      Friday, April 19, 2019

                        In February 1992 the drawdown test of the Snake River upstream of Lower Granite Dam also lowered the end of the Clearwater River. The temporary shallow water depth exposed the remains of what was massive Holbrook Island in the Clearwater between the Memorial Bridge and the railroad bridge. The island had been nearly scraped out of existence when the levees were built to accomodate the dam and subsequent slackwater in the mid-1970s. 

                        Wednesday, April 17, 2019

                          Michael Maynard of Clarkston examines a white-striped, rose-red camelia Japonica called the Lady Vansittart, which was kept in a window well to protect it from the cold. The cedar planter contained a gardenia, and was easy to move indoors on a cool night. The photo accompanied a garden column by Shirley Lyons featuring the unusual plants cultivated by Mrs. H.M. Maynard (her first name is never given) and her son, Michael, at their Clarkston home. This photo was published in the Lewiston Tribune June 1, 1975. 

                          Tuesday, April 16, 2019

                            Nora Mayton sits with her sons Brian (left) and Alex (right) in the family’s Lewiston backyard with Nora’s Hot Ham and Potato Salad on the table in front of them. The photo accompanied a Close to Home column by the late Sula Keeling, who wrote about food for the Lewiston Tribune for many years. This photo was published Aug. 11, 1993, and Keeling’s column featured seven of Mayton’s recipes including the potato salad, Hot Fudge Pudding Cake, and Skillet Chicken and Vegetables. 

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                              Wade L. Mayer of Lewiston holds the colors during a graveside service for veteran Myron O. Barfty of Lewiston. Members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Sourdough Post in Lewiston officiated at the service held May 24, 1985, at Lewis-Clark Memorial Gardens in Lewiston Orchards. Barfty served in the U.S. Army during World War II and the Korean War, and died May 21, 1985. This photo was first published in the Tribune May 25, 1985. 

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