ASOTIN — Asotin County’s application to move to Phase 2 of Washington’s four-stage reopening plan was granted this morning.

A variety of businesses in the county — including in-store retail sales, dine-in restaurants and taverns, barbers and hair salons — can now resume operations, as long as they meet specific safety and sanitation protocols. 

Asotin County submitted its variance request late last week. It was approved today by Secretary of Health John Wiesman, who notified Brady Woodbury, administrator of the Asotin County Public Health District. 

Commissioner Brian Shinn said Asotin County officials are delighted with the decision, and pleased about the rapid response from the state. 

It took a team effort by everyone involved  but we’re proud to announce that Asotin County has been granted a variance by Health Secretary John Weisman from the State Board of Health to enter Phase 2 of the Governor’s plan,” Shinn told the Lewiston Tribune.

“We can now get to work safely and gradually reopening Asotin County for business. Under the direction of the Asotin County Board of Health, District Director Brady Woodbury submitted the variance request along with a health board resolution, a (Board of County Commissioners) resolution and supporting documents from Tri-State Hospital and the city of Clarkston."

Small counties that have not had a new case of COVID-19 reported in the past three weeks can apply to move to the next phase. Asotin County’s last confirmed case was on April 24, according to public health officials. Garfield and Whitman counties have also been given the green light to enter Phase 2.

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