MOSCOW – Ernesto Bustamante once threatened to kill a woman other than Katy Benoit, and had sexual relations with at least one other University of Idaho student while he was a professor there, according to court documents.

Bustamante and Benoit, a UI graduate student, had a sexual relationship that deteriorated earlier this year, leading to Bustamante’s Aug. 19 resignation from the university. Bustamante killed himself last week after murdering Benoit on her front porch.

According to a statement from Moscow police detective Rodney Wolverton contained in a search warrant application, Bustamante made the previous threat while in his “psychopathic killer” personality.

In earlier court documents, close Bustamante friend Rowdy Hope told police that Bustamante suffered from “multiple personality disorders,” including “psychopathic killer” and “the beast.” Wolverton stated that Hope said Bustamante made the other threat using the woman’s nickname, and that he didn’t know her real name.

Hope said he believed there had been a domestic disturbance reported between Bustamante and the woman reported at some point, and that the report should be on file with police. Moscow Police Department officials could not immediately be contacted to verify the report’s existence.

Wolverton also wrote that Moscow police received information about at least one other female who engaged in a sexual relationship with Bustamante while she was a UI student.

“I was informed that a complaint was made to the UI by a friend of this female, and that friend did not leave her name or the name of the female Bustamante had been sexually involved with,” Wolverton wrote, noting the complaint was made via a UI “hotline.”

The detective also referenced a document from the UI to Bustamante that apparently discussed an allegation from a female regarding sexual relations between her and Bustamante. The document was found among papers Bustamante had in the Moscow hotel room where he killed himself.

It was not clear whether the women referenced in Hope’s statement, the hotline call and the UI document were all different people.

The UI is petitioning the courts to allow the release of Bustamante’s personnel records, which should contain more information about his relationships with students and any complaints against him.

In his statement to police, Hope listed a total of six personalities that Bustamante had described to him. One was “Baby,” which was quiet, cuddly and soft. Another was “Ernie,” a worried, scared little kid. “E” was normal and caring, and “Ernesto” was an angry, suave “diviner.”

Of the two previously reported personalities, “the beast” was angry and “going to tear you apart,” and the “psychopathic killer” talks about killing someone, Hope told police.

Several prescribed psychiatric medications were found in Bustamante’s hotel room, including drugs to treat anxiety, depression and bipolar disorders.

The search warrant returns filed Tuesday with the court also list additional weapons found in Bustamante’s rental car, including three more handguns, a .22 rifle and a 12-gauge shotgun. Police had earlier disclosed that six firearms had been found in Bustamante’s hotel room.

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