Adulting is hard. Retirement funds are confusing. Investing is daunting. This is the reality for many people, and a lot of millennials in particular.

“Millennial Money” is a podcast that works to change the way people think about money. There is new content nearly every week, tackling issues from 401(k)s and IRAs to the latest apps in banking.

“Millennial Money” breaks down things like budgeting or paying off credit card debt into smaller, more palatable chunks for the average person. There are many tangible nuggets of information, such as steps to take in picking the best credit card for a person’s individual needs.

Some episodes are more pertinent to particular groups of people than others (for instance, one episode focuses on ways to save money on a wedding), but overall there is a takeaway lesson for most people trying to better their financial situation or prepare for the future.

Listeners can find this podcast on most podcasting apps. Also, it’s free — which is, of course, a great way to save money.

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